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Nescafé LifeWalk 2022 challenge completed along Hadrian’s Wall in the UK

20 participants have returned to Malta following the four-day Nescafé LifeWalk Challenge 2022, which this year took LifeWalkers once again from coast-to-coast along Hadrian’s Wall, from Bowness-on-Solway to Newcastle. The 145-kilometre challenge aims to raise further awareness and funds for international kidney disease research, as well as kidney disease research and renal patients in Malta and Gozo.

Alan Curry, founder of the LifeCycle (Malta) Foundation, explained that LifeWalkers covered up to 36 kilometres daily on tough terrain and unpredictable weather conditions. “The Nescafé LifeWalk Challenge is nowhere near as gruelling as the Nescafé LifeCycle Challenge, which this year will take participants from Argentina to Chile, but it is still, by all means, a challenging feat. LifeWalkers trekked from dawn until dusk, this year battling unusually high temperatures to keep raising funds and awareness on kidney disease and to support research on renal treatments.”

The LifeWalk challenge was originally conceived by R.U.S.H, the Renal Support Hub which is run by the LifeCycle (Malta) Foundation after the COVID-19 pandemic stalled the Nescafé LifeCycle Challenge. R.U.S.H provides external aid to patients currently in treatment for kidney disease which includes free transport to treatments in the evening, fitness sessions and counselling services that are free of charge.

The LifeCycle (Malta) Foundation is the only voluntary organisation that raises funds to support renal patients in Malta and Gozo and constantly collaborates with Mater Dei Hospital’s Renal Unit and the University of Malta’s kidney disease awareness team within the University’s Research Trust (RIDT).

Donations to the LifeCycle (Malta) Foundation can be made via Revolut on 9932 9101, by PayPal on this link:  and via SMS: 5061 7370 for €2.33; 5061 8920 for €6.99; 5061 9229 for €11.65; or via a call to 5160 2020 for €10; 5170 2005 for €15; and 5180 2006 for €25.  

Donations can be made also via bank transfers via Swift code VALLMTMT, IBAN MT 18 VALL 22013000000014814521017, with the Bank name being Bank of Valletta, and account number 14814521017.

For more information, one can visit  or

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