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Nescafé LifeCycle Challenge cyclists successfully complete 10-day challenge and arrive in Santiago, Chile

Participants of the 2022 Nescafé LifeCycle Challenge have successfully completed the 22nd edition of the challenge – involving a mammoth 1,700 km cycling adventure from Buenos Aires in Argentina to Santiago in Chile. The participants arrived in the Chilean capital Santiago on Friday.

Argentina and Chile respectively were the 49th and 50th countries visited by LifeCycle participants since the challenge started more than 20 years ago. In this year’s edition the cyclists’ route included a trek up to the Andes Mountains reaching an altitude of more than 3,000 metres – a milestone in LifeCycle history.

Throughout the 10-day challenge, participants had to face some tough conditions. The strong winds were a constant daily adversary which added to the long rides and never-ending straight roads, made it a tough mental challenge too. The cyclists had to also deal with different terrains along the route, from deep sandy farm roads to long tarmac-surfaced highways, as well as never ending stretches of rough gravel as they climbed through the Andes.

The endpoint of this year’s challenge was the iconic San Cristóbal Hill in Santiago – itself rising to more than 800 metres above the rest of the city of Chile.

As in previous years, the goal of the Nescafé LifeCycle Challenge is to raise awareness on kidney disease as well as raising funds for kidney disease research and the treatment for kidney disease.

LifeCycle (Malta) Founder Alan Curry said: “It is extremely satisfying to once again conclude an epic challenge and dare I say the most ambitious challenge LifeCycle has managed yet and I’ve of the toughest. It is a great accomplishment to not only finish another LifeCycle challenge but also to collect these funds for renal patients and their families that they sorely require.”

Donations to the LifeCycle (Malta) Foundation can continue to be made via Revolut on 9932 9101, by PayPal on this link: and via SMS: 5061 7370 for €2.33; 5061 8920 for €6.99; 5061 9229 for €11.65; or via a call to 5160 2020 for €10; 5170 2005 for €15; and 5180 2006 for €25. 

Donations can be made also via bank transfers via Swift code VALLMTMT, IBAN MT 18 VALL 22013000000014814521017, with the Bank name being Bank of Valletta, and account number 14814521017.

For more information, one can visit or

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