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First Group Training Session Ignites Momentum for 2023 LifeCycle Challenge

Cyclists who enrolled for the 2023 LifeCycle Challenge, and who shall be cycling from Bangkok in Thailand to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia later this year, took part in their first group training session on Sunday, 30 July.

This training session kicked off a 17-week training programme which will see both cyclists and back up team stepping up their preparations for the 2,000-kilometre ride over a span of 10 days between 26 November-6 December. This was the first time that the group, composed of new cyclists on their first challenge along with the more experienced riders and support team, cycled together on the road.

The LifeCycle Challenge is now in its 23rd edition and this year LifeCycle (Malta) Foundation is aiming to raise over Eur100,000, adding up to the Eur3.2 million raised since its inception in 1999 in aid of renal patients, to support medical research and to raise awareness on renal disease. To this day, LifeCycle (Malta) Foundation remains the only charity in Malta that raises money and awareness for renal patients. Fund raising by the Foundation centres around the LifeCycle Challenge, the cycling and endurance challenge that was first held in 2000. Over the years, the LifeCycle Challenge has seen cyclists visiting 53 countries and cycling an impressive total of 40,317 kilometres.

The funds raised in the 2023 LifeCycle Challenge would mainly go towards the ongoing research programme on CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) run by RIDT – University of Malta Research Trust; funding the TRACCIA Software Support System which is the software used at Mater Dei Hospital’s Renal Unit for the matching of kidney donors with medically compatible transplant candidates; and new couches for patients undergoing renal dialysis and the annual trip to Lourdes for renal patients.

Several sponsors have already committed to support this year’s challenge including the main sponsor Nescafé, together with Smart Technologies Ltd, Technoline Ltd, Farsons Foundation, Laferla Insurance and JPA.

While not everyone may have the opportunity to take on such a challenge, one still has the ability to make a significant impact by supporting those who do. By contributing through donations, everybody can become part of the journey.

Donations to the LifeCycle (Malta) Foundation can be made via Revolut on 9932 9101, by PayPal on this link: and via SMS: 5061 7370 for €2.33; 5061 8920 for €6.99; 5061 9229 for €11.65; or via a call to 5160 2020 for €10; 5170 2005 for €15; and 5180 2006 for €25. 

Donations can be made also via bank transfers via Swift code VALLMTMT, IBAN MT 18 VALL 22013000000014814521017, with the Bank name being Bank of Valletta, and account number 14814521017.

For more information, one can visit or

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